Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Utah Olympic Park, Park City

If you are in Park City, the Utah Olympic Park is a must see. This is where several events in the Winter 2002 Olympics were held.  It continues to host national and international competitions.  In the summer, ski aerialists practice their technique by going off the ski jump and landing in a huge training pool.  That was what my children and I stumbled upon the day that we went to check it out.  My children were enthralled.  

Every few minutes another aerialist would come flying off of that ski jump and my children's eyes would light up with wonder.  There are bleachers around the side of the pool, and we camped out there for at least and hour watching them go.  

When everyone had enough of the jumpers, we headed off to do more exploring.  There are some self guided tours and trails that lead to the larger ski jump areas, with information about the games all along the way. This would be a great day of hiking for kids. There are some decent inclines, but the trails are mostly paved with makes the walking just a little bit easier.  

If you go: 
Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tours available, but there is a charge.  
Olympic Parkway and Highway 224 at Kimball Junction
Park City, UT
(435) 658-4200

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