Wednesday, April 11, 2012

State Parks for Free!

Thanks to a great tip from Frieda, I am happy to tell you about a great program to check out one of Utah's 43 state parks for FREE!  As long as you have a library card, you are in!  

It's simple: check this list of participating libraries to make sure that your local library is in the loop.  If so, just go in, check out the pass and then take it to your favorite state park for free day use!  

Have fun exploring!  


  1. Just a heads up, the passes are available starting on Wednesday morning when the participating library opens (typically 9 am) and are due by the next Tuesday evening. So if you check it out on Friday or Saturday (or Monday or Tuesday morning), it's still due Tuesday evening. In the fall/winter/spring there is usually no problem getting it, but in the summer you'll want to get to the library before it opens to nab the card before anyone else gets it. Most libraries have two available, and you can see if they are checked out online.

  2. I had no idea both my libraries had this card!

    Also, I just found this page about "fee free" days at NATIONAL parks:

    There's a whole week coming up at the end of April! I believe Utah has 13 national parks, but I don't know how many charge fees.

    The BLM does a few days too (but Utah only has 1 BLM location I think):

    ...I apologize if you already knew all about this.


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