Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Park Free Days

free days at National parks list
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Did you know that there are 13 National Parks in Utah? And some, but not all charge fees? But here is the best part, every year those national parks have a few fee free days.  The next free day is NEXT WEEK!   It is, in fact, the entire week, April 21-29.  So, if you are looking for anything to do next week you might want to check out your nearest National Park.  You can find a complete list of Utah's National Parks at the  National Park Service website.

Later dates:
June 9
September 29
November 10-12

Thanks to Julie for the great tip!  Do you know something we don't know?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email and spread the word!

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  1. Hi Rach! :) This is completely nit-picky, and mostly ridiculous, but just FYI, technically there are 13 sites that are part of the National Parks system, not 13 National Parks. Utah only has 5 National Parks (of the 58 in the United States): Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Zions, and Capitol Reef. The rest are National Monuments, Forests, Historic Site, etc.


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